What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a light massage technique that involves pressing and holding on certain locations of the body for example shoulders, ankles, neck, back, knees. Session can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour. 

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What to Expect During a Reiki Session

You will be asked to lie down on a massage table. You will be fully clothed except for your shoes. It is best to choose loose-fitting garments to wear on the day of your appointment. You may also be asked to remove any jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.) prior to the session, so consider leaving these items at home. The therapist will place their hands on certain locations on the body and hold for anywhere between 3-5 minutes. 


45 Minutes - $40
1 Hour - $55

To schedule with Jillian (423) 280-4628

To schedule with Nathan (423) 364-5670