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Reiki Training Level 1

  Reiki is a bodywork technique that uses universal energy to promote healing and well-being. It is a very gentle energy work modality that consists of light touch and holding. Reiki is a great addition to any massage practice, yoga practice, dance practice, or meditation. Reiki allows you the ability to self heal, along with long distance healing. 

  This energy work is so gentle it can be used on infants, children, elderly, and extremely sick or ill. It can be used to help calm the mind, center, ground, relieve headaches or other pain, help with digestion, help with high blood pressure, cold, and a many other ailments. 

  Reiki is simple to learn and easy to practice. The workshop will be fairly easy to the physical body, But the techniques used can be mentally or emotionally exhausting. Please do not let this deter you, with practice everything gets easier. at the end of the 12 hour workshop you will be a level one Reiki practitioner. This will allow you to practice Reiki on yourself as well as loved ones and friends.

During this 12 hour workshop you will learn:

  • Reiki History

  • Simple Meditation Practices

  • Grounding 

  • Hand Placements 

  • Opportunity To Practice What You Learn 


Saturday October 15th 9:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Sunday   October 16th 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

We will have a 30 minute lunch break each day as well as snack and bathroom breaks as needed. It is suggested to abstain from alcohol and other substances during this workshop.


The workshop price is $300. Payment plans are available or work trades may be accepted.  To register please contact Jillian Ricks via phone at 423-280-4628. A $50 deposit is required and deposit needs to be paid no later than October 10, 2016. 

There are a limited number of spots available for this workshop. For more information or questions please contact Jillian Ricks via phone at 423-280-4628.

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